Cognitive Ability Assessments

ERC uses SHL Verify cognitive ability assessments to help organizations identify
the candidates with the right abilities and potential to succeed in the role.

SHL Verify ability tests can be used to find the best people to fill vacancies and develop your existing workforce, helping employees achieve their highest potential.

These assessments are available for all job levels from entry- to executive-level and are supported by a range of appropriate norm comparison groups. Many of our tests use the latest advancements in computer adaptive testing to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the assessment. Verify can be used in isolation or alongside other psychometric tests for a more holistic solution.

Our SHL Verify ability assessments can be administered separately or in any combination. Tests are available in a range of languages and additional tests may be available depending on your organization’s need. Our experts can help you select the appropriate assessments and/or provide the training and support resources to enable your team. The tests are appropriate for all job levels including, entry, graduates, and managerial/professionals.

Verify Cognitive Ability Assessment Features

Highly Accessible and Deliverable

  • 24/7 access for candidates

  • Available in over 26 languages

  • Easy to administer and deliver

Part of an End-to-End Talent Solution

  • Can be integrated seamlessly into recruitment, applicant tracking, or talent management system

Minimizes the Risks of Online Testing

  • Different questions for every applicant

  • Secure against data theft and cheating

  • Optional supervised verification test ensures your candidate is the same person who took the test