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The staff at ERC is a group of experienced, talented, and accomplished professional experts. Get to know the staff below to learn about their experience and role at ERC.

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ERC's Board of Directors


Raj Aggarwal

Board Member, Executive,
Teacher, & Scholar


Nicole Crews

Global Diversity & Engagement Manager at Swagelok

MattDailey 320 x 320

Matt Dailey

President & CEO at Royal Chemical

John Dearborn

John Dearborn

Principal at Advise and Connect, LLC


John Gadd

Chairman of Become Known
President & CEO at Hotcards

Jill Koski 320 x 320

Jill Koski

President & CEO at Holden Forests & Gardens

Dalithia Smith 320 x 320

Dalithia Smith

Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer at Oatey Co.

Chief Barking Officers

Allie BW 400 x 300


Kelly Keefe

Breed: Mini Golden Doodle
Gender:  Female
Favorite Treat: Apple & peanut butter
Favorite Toy: Whatever is in front of her
Interesting Fact: Allie likes long walks with her three Golden Doodle friends. She also likes to chase the deer out of the backyard and enjoys many vegetables for treats.

Arya BW 400 x 300


Samantha Vance

Breed: Black Lab Mix
Gender: Female
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter
Favorite Toy: Tennis balls
Interesting Fact: I can open sliding doors all by myself.

Baleigh BW 400 x 300


Allison Kenney

Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Female
Favorite Treat: Candy Corn – please let someone drop one!
Favorite Toy: Firewood logs
Interesting Fact: My cousin is a local Police K—9.

Chester BW 400 x 300


Allison Kenney

Breed: Mix
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter and Chewy bones
Favorite Toy: I’m too old for toys – I like naps!
Interesting Fact: I was found abandoned on Chester Ave. in Cleveland, hence how I got my name. 

Chloe BW 400 x 300


Laura Prcela

Breed: Chihuahua & Mini Pincher Mix
Gender: Female
Favorite Treat: Chicken
Favorite Toy: Purple Dinosaur
Interesting Fact: Chloe loves to submarine dive under blankets and snuggle.

Cooper 400 x 300


Christine Quinn

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: Anything except carrots
Favorite Toy: Any toy that has stuffing
Interesting Fact: Mr. Pat Perry is my hero. Because the Quinn family already had two dogs, my mom knew I was going to be a tough sell. So, she told Mr. Perry all about me. He didn’t adopt me, but he decided to make a petition and have everyone at ERC sign it in hopes that I could become a member of the Quinn family, and it worked! I have been a member of the Quinn family for 4 years!

Frogeye BW 400 x 300


Laurie White

Breed: Hound Mix, maybe?
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: Any human shoe
Favorite Toy: Squeaky orange chicken
Interesting Fact: My favorite movie is Up because the dog named Dug loves what I lo--SQUIRREL!



Tom Ault

Breed: Border Collie Mix
Gender: Female
Favorite Treat: Dogster (doggie ice cream)
Favorite Toy: Anyone’s socks or gloves
Interesting Fact: Maggie was a Christmas present for our then nine-year-old son. Santa put him in bed with him that morning, and he woke to her licking his face

Marshmallow BW 400 x 300


Laurie White

Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender:  Female
Favorite Treat: Butter. For some reason, my humans keep leaving it on the counter.
Favorite Toy: Stuffed rabbit or a milk jug
Interesting Fact: It took a while for my human sister to decide between the names Buttercup, Cloud, and Marshmallow.

Nani BW 400 x 300


Nicole Doria

Breed: Yorkie
Gender: Female
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter & banana treats from Trader Joe’s
Favorite Toy: Her “Chewnel” Squeaky Purse
Interesting Fact: She is a little diva that loves to wear the newest fashion trends! (She's also known as Mrs. Chew Chee Ba Gucci.)



Christine Quinn

Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: Anything my mom eats, especially birthday cake!
Favorite Toy: FRISBEE, FRISBEE, FRISBEE!!! Did someone say FRISBEE?
Interesting Fact: I have an amazing talent of being able to pick up and carry multiple toys at once and will often fall asleep with them in my mouth. I love toys!

Poppy BW 400 x 300


Carrie Morse

Breed: Lab/Beagle mix
Gender: Female
Favorite Treat: Pupperoni
Favorite Toy: A ball to fetch
Interesting Fact: We are Poppy’s second rescue family! She was rescued from Rescue Village in 2013 at age one. She came to us in 2021 after her previous owner passed away.

Tank BW 400 x 300


Allison Kenney

Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: Anything meat related
Favorite Toy: Tennis ball
Interesting Fact: I jump tall fences to chase deer.

Tito BW 400 x 300


Alex Burrows

Breed: Greyhound
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: SnawSomes!
Favorite Toy: Fluffy, blue puppy toy
Interesting Fact:  Tito is a retired racing greyhound who competed on a track in Florida.


Chris Kutsko

Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: Anything paper…just kidding
Favorite Toy: Balls and flying saucers and balls with things attached to them
Interesting Fact: He likes to eat paper…and even ate our marriage license and my passport and various other items if left laying around. Other than that, he is an angel and never barks or has messes in the house.



Susan Chermonte

Breed: Mix
Gender: Female
Favorite Treat: American cheese
Favorite Toy: Two families had already “claimed” her at the Valley View Animal Shelter when we inquired. However, neither showed up at their designated time to take her home so she ended up with our family.

Whiskey BW 400 x 300


Sandy Sharrone

Breed: Australian Shephard
Gender: Male
Favorite Treat: Ice Cubes
Favorite Toy: Plastic Bottles
Interesting Fact: Whiskey came from his mother’s (Tink’s) first litter of seven and Whiskey was the only one with blue eyes.