Carrie Morse

Carrie Morse

Senior Vice President at ERC

As Senior Vice President and a vibrant member of our leadership and management teams, Carrie contributes strategic direction and operational support to our 100-year-old organization. In her role, she oversees our client services nationwide, including training, consulting, coaching, and membership, and she directs partner relationships.

Carrie’s passion for HR learning and training opportunities brought her to ERC in 2002. In her tenure, she has held various roles, including Vice President, Member Services & Partnerships, Director, Partnerships, and Director, Training & Events.

Carrie enjoys working with our clients to uncover their talent challenges and produce creative ways to help them achieve their goals. Her aim is to put our employees in the best position possible to be successful, not only in their own careers, but also in serving our clients.

Over the past 17 years, Carrie has been chiefly responsible for the planning and execution of ERC’s NorthCoast 99 program, an award that recognizes great Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent. Carrie manages application enhancements, winner benefits, sponsorships, and the overall event.

Under her leadership, NorthCoast 99 has become a performance benchmark for many organizations across the region. The research and practices produced from this award-winning program have helped companies aspire to be great workplaces, attract and retain top-performers, and improve the lives of employees.

Prior to joining ERC, Carrie served as Program Manager for COSE’s Management Center, where she oversaw the organization's programming for small business owners in Northeast Ohio, including the COSE Strategic Planning Course, as well as other courses in marketing, human resources, and business planning.

Outside of work, Carrie can be found on a local athletic field watching her sons compete or in Shaker Heights where she resides. She enjoys running outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Carrie holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from John Carroll University.