Understanding the Value of Talent Management

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“People are our greatest asset.”

This phrase appears frequently in press conference statements to the media from high level executives and in motivational speeches directed at the business community. But what does this well intentioned, feel-good statement actually mean when put into practice in the workplace?

One key factor in creating a work environment reflective of this mindset is proper management of the talent base at your organization. A recent survey of 102 Northeast Ohio organizations on this topic found that just under two-thirds of respondents (63%) do not have an official definition of “top or key talent” at their organization.
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Free Training Planning Worksheet

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Planning and organizing employee training for an entire year can be a challenge. That's why we're providing you with a simple worksheet to help you chart and organize the types of training classes that will be offered in a given year, the individuals who will attend those classes, their perceived skill level, and the timing of when they will attend training throughout the year.

Download Worksheet (Excel)



Here are some simple instructions:

  1. Chart the individuals in your organization under the column "Name" and their corresponding department or position in the second column.
  2. List the classes that your organization plans to offer during the upcoming year at the top of the chart.
  3. Color code the cells for each individual based on the degree to which each employee needs training in a specific topic area or skill.
  4. Within each cell, insert the timing (month or month and day) of when you plan to offer this class or when each employee will attend this class.
  5. Insert any relevant comments around the individual.

Budgeting Assistance

Need quotes for particular training programs? Contact Chris Kutsko at (440)947-1286 or ckutsko@yourerc.com. You can also view ERC's full catalog of employee training courses online.

Money Still Available for BWC Transitional Work Grants

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Over the summer, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) began accepting applications for the latest round of Transitional Work Grants. Grant money is still available for employers wishing to participate.

BWC’s Transitional Work Grants program gives employers the opportunity to hire a professional transitional work developer to assist with the development of BWC-approved policies and procedures focused on best practices and early return to work. The program is open to all private and public taxing district employers (cities, counties, townships, school districts, etc).
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Non-Profits Offering Paid-Time-Off Banks

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According to the 2012 ERC Non-Profit Benefits Survey, the non-profit sector in Northeast Ohio appears to be a bit ahead of the curve in terms structuring the paid time off offered to employees. The more flexible, all inclusive, “paid-time-off” or “PTO” banks are being used by 45% of the non-profit respondents, while other ERC surveys from earlier in 2012 have reported numbers closer to 30% or even lower. Although there is some variability in the samples from year to year, the Non-Profit Benefits survey shows a clear trend with the use of PTO banks hovering just under the 50% mark from 2009-2012.
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The Top 3 Benefits Trends You Need to Know

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Three types of benefits have seen the most significant changes in 2012 trends, based on our research nationally, locally, and among employers of choice. Find out what they are and how these trends impact your organization as it plans and budgets for 2013.

Health Insurance & Wellness

Survey data released by Towers Watson and Aon Hewitt show that the widespread majority of employers plan to offer health care benefits to their employees in the future. Most employers, according to their surveys, do not foresee eliminating health plans, even in light of health care reform.
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Non-Profit Salary and Benefits Data Published

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In collaboration with United Way of Greater Cleveland, ERC is pleased to announce the publication of the 2012 Non-Profit and Health & Human Services Compensation and Benefits survey results. By drawing upon both United Way’s strength as a preeminent organization in the non-profit community as well as ERC’s reputation as Northeast Ohio’s leading publisher of local workplace information and salary data, these surveys provide current and reliable compensation and benefits benchmarks to non-profits across the region.
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ERC Dues Will Not Change in 2013

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ERC is pleased to announce that its membership dues will not increase in 2013. Next year will mark the organization’s 93rd year in business and the 14th straight year that members have enjoyed access to ERC services, surveys, research, information and cost savings without a dues increase.

“ERC continues to stay focused on increasing the value of membership by expanding our services and increasing accessibility,” states Pat Perry, President of ERC.  “In the past year, we made significant investments in our compensation and compliance resources, upgraded our website, added new partners and costsavings programs, and created new opportunities for members to network and connect throughout Northeast Ohio.”

Perry adds that ERC plans to make further investments in technology in 2013, aimed at enhancing how members participate in and access compensation surveys.“As a result of all these investments and additions, members continue to have the ability to measure and showcase remarkable returns on their investment with ERC.”

ERC also recently launched an Online ROI Calculator to help employers estimate the total ROI on their ERC membership.

The Value of ERC Membership

Discover the value of ERC membership by downloading the Value of ERC Membership PDF, which details the valuable ways ERC helps organizations:

ERC Announces Upcoming Member Networking Events

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Join other ERC Members for coffee, breakfast and networking! netwERC is a program for ERC Members only and provides an opportunity to meet other ERC Members, network, and share ideas in a safe and friendly environment. netwERC groups meet in several locations, including east-side, west-side and downtown Cleveland and Akron.

We also invite you to Bring a fellow HR Professional! Register a co-worker or friend from another organization that works in HR, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Gift Card and a $50 Credit towards training from ERC!

Upcoming netwERC Events