Intern Etiquette: Six Tips to take you from the Classroom to the Workplace

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It’s that time of year again. Students are putting together their polished resumes in the hopes of securing that coveted internship spot at their dream company. Unfortunately, a lot of students are not taught how to ace an internship interview while in the classroom. Here are some tips on how to stand out of the crowd and become a step closer to gaining more real world experience and starting your career.

1. Customize your resume

By all means, using a generic resume template to start is a great beginning, but employers don’t want to see how well you can copy and paste. Be sure once you read the internship description that you customize the objective and highlight the things on your resume that would apply to the position you are trying to get.
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The Female Golfer: Playing for Success

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An Interview with Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor, a Cleveland Metroparks LPGA golf pro, is teaming up with ERC to provide female golfers some insight on leveraging business (and fun!) out on the golf course this summer.

Just as golf is a great sport for weekend outings with friends, it is equally fit for helping businesswomen build relationships with their customers and clients. Jamie comments that since golf is played in 2.5 to 4.5 hour games, players are able to spend a great deal of quality time getting to know one another. In this sense, golfing is an ideal time to pitch an idea, obtain a new client, or make a sale. As Jamie puts it,

"Golf etiquette imitates business etiquette. Knowing basic golf etiquette will help you impress any potential business partner."
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