“You Didn’t Get the Job.” 4 Tips for Communicating with Applicants

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“You Didn’t Get the Job” - 4 Tips for Communicating with Applicants

“You didn’t get the job.” No employer wants to communicate this news to applicants, but communication about whether or not a candidate “got the job” is an important part of the hiring process.

Making a good hire partly requires an individual having a good candidate experience in your hiring process. Candidates are as much evaluating your workplace as you are evaluating them, and without a positive experience, you run the risk of losing strong candidates. Effective communication with job applicants is one of the most important predictors of whether or not applicants have a good experience.

Unfortunately, candidate communication is an area needing improvement among many employers. Too often, organizations leave applicants wondering whether or not they made it to the next phase of the hiring process or if they got the job.
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