5 Surprising Employee Benefits Found in Non-Profits

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Thanksgiving Day of is just around the corner, which means your organization is probably gearing up for a food drive, adopting a family in need for the holidays, or volunteering at a soup kitchen (or maybe you work for the social service organization that is providing these volunteer opportunities). There are certainly plenty of non-profit organizations in Northeast Ohio to choose from and we’ve all heard hundreds, if not thousands of stories of the good deeds these organizations strive to achieve. But what about the employees that run these organizations day-to-day? What do their non-profit sector employers offer to them as employees?

Below, Figure 1 further unpacks this question, specifically in terms of non-profit employee benefits, comparing the frequency of 5 unique (and somewhat surprising) employee benefits between a non-profit only survey sample and a mixed industry survey sample.

Figure 1: Percentage of organizations offering each of the following employee benefits

  2013 ERC Non-Profit Benefits Survey 2013-2014 ERC Policies & Benefits Survey
Domestic Partner Benefits 58% 24%
Flex-time Arrangement 55% 30%
Tuition Reimbursement 48% 58%
PTO (Paid-Time-Off) Bank 38% 24%
Paternity Leave 28% 25%

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