4 Steps in the Recruiting and Hiring Process

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human resource hiring proces human resource hiring process 4 Steps in the Recruiting and Hiring Process

Whether handled by supervisors and managers or assigned to a centralized human resources (HR) department, hiring decisions are among the most important decisions made in any organization.

Good hiring practices can eliminate or reduce many legal risks, reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve morale. Ill-advised hiring decisions, on the other hand, can result in turnover, duplicative training, missed opportunities, and lost customers.

In addition, an ill-advised hire may lead to employment termination; and every termination (no matter how justifiable and well documented) exposes the company to the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit or discrimination claim from the disgruntled former employee. For all these reasons, it pays to take the time to find the right person for the job the first time around.
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