5 Popular ERC Webinars for Learning & Development

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In addition to traditional training delivery methods, companies are seeking virtual alternatives for staff development and coaching. 

ERC, a human resource organization that provides training, HR consulting and support, coaching and assessments, and research services, offers a variety of custom training programs and courses. We can deliver training to your employees and business in several ways, including at our Training Center, at your location or virtually.

With state-of-the-art technology, ERC is fully equipped to provide learning and development in webinar format to local, national, and global organizations. Our training programs are facilitated by a team of more than 40 accomplished subject matter experts who bring real-world, practical experience to engaging, interactive sessions on over 100 topics.

Here are our five most popular courses, all of which can be delivered virtually:

1. Harassment Prevention

In the era of #MeToo, business leaders are charged to cultivate and sustain a workplace where all workers feel respected. This program provides guidelines on how to develop, manage, and maintain professionalism in the workplace. It covers the basics of what harassment is (and is not), and how it relates to race, sex, religion, age, and gender. Participants will understand the importance of creating an appropriate work environment, and they'll learn how to handle a complaint and conduct an investigation. Learn more.

2. Time & Priority Management 

Where does our time go? Time and priority management skills can boost the productivity and efficiency of your team. The purpose of this training is to help employees with busy schedules and performance requirements learn how to balance their time. It is ideal for individuals who manage their time and work, as well as the work of others. Participants will identify what issues are most central in their work life and learn how to set priorities. Learn more.

3. Supervisory Development

Managers often struggle with employee turnover and performance. In our supervisory series, attendees will gain fresh insights into their role, whether they've been newly promoted, never had formal training or want to develop better management skills and be more effective in their role. As a leading provider of supervisor training, ERC works with organizations to create a customized training solution. Learn more.

4. Communication Skills 

It's not always what you say. It's how you say it. Our communication skills workshops concentrate on how to improve interactions with others, become a better communicator, and manage information among peers. Participants will develop and enhance their skills using active listening techniques, conversations, and nonverbal strategies. Our Communication Skills training is often paired with our DiSC® Personality Assessment and Training for teams and individuals. Learn more.

5. Stress Management 

Balancing work, family, and life commitments may weigh on your staff. Our training provides stress management tips and techniques that will help your employees better cope and respond to stressful situations. Attendees will learn self-care strategies, and they'll be able to identify individual triggers that often influence their negative reactions. This class will help participants realize what stress is, understand the importance of mindfulness, and discover solutions to manage their stress. Learn more.

ERC can bring these virtual learning workshops and many others to your employees and business.

For more information, contact Chris Kutsko, Vice President, Learning & Development at ckutsko@yourERC.com or 440-947-1286.

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