Recruiting: How to Increase the Quality & Quantity of Your Talent Pool

Bigger and Better: How to Increase the Quality and Quantity of Your Talent Pool

Now, more than ever, it is important for organizations to understand that the face of today’s active job seeker has changed. Most notably, as unemployment continues to decline, reaching an all-time low at 4.4% in Ohio, the number of active job seekers has also decreased. This requires companies to take a more proactive and creative look at how to attract top talent.

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NorthCoast 99 Celebrates 20 Years of Roaring Workplaces

NorthCoast 99 Celebrates Roaring Workplaces


On the evening of September 18, ERC’s NorthCoast 99 program celebrated two decades of honoring best Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent. The 1920s-themed awards event drew nearly 900 guests to the Hilton Cleveland Downtown to recognize “Roaring Workplaces” for their exemplary human resource practices.

Roaring Workplaces

Early in the magical, Gatsby-inspired evening, the halls of the Hilton filled with post-Prohibition celebrants adorned in feathered headpieces, pearls, fedoras, and other festive period attire. Honorees, sponsors, and special guests mingled in dazzling reception spaces and playfully posed for photo booth pictures and roaming cameras.

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Artificial Intelligence: The HR Professional’s New HR Tech Obsession

Artificial Intelligence: The HR Professional’s New HR Tech Obsession

At this point, you may already be familiar with popular virtual assistant technologies such as Siri or Alexa. These Artificially Intelligent (AI) virtual assistants can do an array of tasks in an instant. Checking the weather, playing music, finding directions, and reading the news are all tasks that can be done simply by prompting the tabletop device in your home. Which brings the question, if these devices can help people every day in their homes, what are the ways they can bring AI into their workplace?

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Changes to Medical Marijuana Laws & What Employers are Doing About It

Changes to Medical Marijuana Laws and What Employers are Doing About It

Despite ongoing delays in getting Ohio’s medical marijuana program up and fully functioning, the question of what the introduction/implementation of medical marijuana laws in 26 states requires of employers has loomed large in HR departments across the country. ERC recently conducted a brief poll in order to get a pulse on what steps employers are really taking, or not taking, to adjust their organization’s drug policies under these laws.

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3 Tips to Bring Your HR Budget New Life

3 Budgeting Tips to Bring Your HR Budget New Life

Developing an annual HR budget may become monotonous when line items stay the same year after year. Shake things up and give your budget the refresher it so desperately needs. Reexamine your budget with a new mindset and ensure it includes your actual departmental needs.

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Protect Your Workplace—5 Frequently Asked Workplace Violence Questions

Workplace Violence: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, nearly 2 million American workers are reported victims of workplace violence. Workplace violence covers a wide range of acts or threats that are disruptive to the inside or outside of a workplace. Exposure to workplace violence or a lack of security may lower employees’ morale, leaving them feeling disengaged and unproductive. This is a rapidly growing concern for organizations worldwide, and we encourage seeking proper training to prevent and protect employees from possibly hostile situations.

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5 Recruitment Tools You Should Be Using

The 5 Most Successful Recruitment Tools You Should Be Using

With recruiting talent constantly on the do-list for most organizations, the laundry list of recruiting tools in Figure 1 below probably looks familiar. In short, employers are most likely using a healthy combination of online recruiting, relationship based recruiting, and connections to the career services centers at higher education institutions to search for their talent.  

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