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27 ERC Member Organizations Named NEO Success Award Winners

Congratulations to the following ERC members that were named 2013 NEO Success Award Winners by Inside Business Magazine.

  • Child Guidance & Family Solutions
  • Cohen & Co.
  • Fairmount Minerals
  • Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America
  • Hathaway Brown School
  • Howard, Wershbale & Co.
  • Hyland Software
  • Ladies and Gentlemens Spa
  • Mazzella Holding Co.
  • MC Sign Co.
  • MesoCoat Inc.
  • National Interstate Corp.
  • NineSigma
  • OEConnection
  • Olympic Steel
  • OneCommunity
  • Oswald Companies
  • Price for Profit
  • Radcom Inc.
  • Safeguard Properties
  • Skoda Minotti
  • The Brewer-Garret Co.
  • The Garland Co., Inc.
  • The Reserves Network
  • Tradex International
  • Vocon
  • Voss Industries

Established in 1995 as a way to showcase the success of business in the region, the NEO Success Awards program annually recognizes the top-performing companies in Northeast Ohio. NEO Success Award winners reflect our region’s determination to expand and revitalize its economic status. The NEO Success Award is unique in its combined measurement of business success in sales, growth and profitability.

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