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Captain America Comes to NEO: 5 Ways Employees Can Battle the Traffic

Captain America has come to Northeast Ohio, and the filming has likely already resulted in a ton of traffic headaches for your workforce and organization...tardiness, lost productivity, frustration, and the list goes on. With traffic at a standstill in Northeast Ohio due to the temporary closing of the Shoreway over the next two weeks, some local organizations are allowing affected employees a bit more flexibility than normal.

Your HR department can also join some these employers in the spirit of the filming here in our region and use its "superpowers" to help your affected employees avoid traffic. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Be flexible with your attendance policy. Be more forgiving of tardiness due to traffic over the next two weeks among affected employees.
  2. Support special circumstances. Some affected employees may have unique child care needs and other obligations to fulfill. Do your best to support them and their attendance/flexibility needs.
  3. Allow affected employees to work at home. Allow for a short-term work-at-home or telecommuting arrangement to prevent lost productivity due to heavy traffic.
  4. Temporarily adjust work schedules. Temporarily allow employees to come into work earlier or later for their work shift, or allow them to work partial days from home.
  5. Compress work schedules. Permit employees to work a compressed workweek (such as 9 or 10 hour days) to avoid coming into work one or two days.

These are just a few possible simple solutions to help your employees avoid traffic problems and stay productive over the next several days.

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