ERC Launches Women’s Leadership Institute: Dr. Kathleen Buse Appointed as Director

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Women's Leadership Institute

As an expansion of our training, consulting, research, and HR support services, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched the ERC Women’s Leadership Institute.

The mission of this enterprise is to help employers recruit, retain, and advance women in the workplace through research-based solutions and development services. Dr. Kathleen Buse has been named the Director of the ERC Women’s Leadership Institute. [more]

The Institute offers consulting, training, workshops, keynotes, career development, and a Women’s Leadership Development Intensive Program. These services provide employers and individuals with actionable steps to enact meaningful and prosperous change.  

“Five decades of research verifies the link between more women in the workplace and improved business performance,” said ERC President Kelly Keefe. “We’ve launched our Women’s Leadership Institute to help organizations and women within them embrace and capitalize on that knowledge.”

Studies show that organizations with greater gender diversity have higher levels of financial performance, innovation, problem-solving ability, and employee retention. There is also evidence that gender-diverse companies are more socially responsible and have better reputations.

Kathleen Buse

“We’re thrilled to have someone of Kathleen’s caliber and experience lead this charge,” said ERC Senior Vice President Carrie Morse, who oversees the Women’s Leadership Institute. “We’re equally excited about the impact these new services and programs can have on our customers and members.”

Prior to ERC, Dr. Buse was President of Advancing Women in the Workforce and Advancing Women in STEM. She was also co-creator and Faculty Director for the Leadership Lab for Women at Case Western Reserve University, where she became an award-winning researcher and top-rated educator.

Dr. Buse earned a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a BS in Chemical Engineering/Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. Her industry experience includes Kodak, Lubrizol, Avery Dennison, and Sherwin-Williams.

Dr. Buse notes that, while women make up 51 percent of the population and 47 percent of the U.S. workforce, they’re underrepresented in leadership roles and other critical professions. She adds that females comprise just 5 percent of CEO positions in S&P 500 companies and 12 percent of the engineering workforce nationwide.

“It’s been ERC’s purpose since 1920 to help organizations make their workplaces great. Our Women’s Leadership Institute is another exciting and significant way we plan to do that,” said Keefe. “The business case for adding and advancing women in the workplace is too compelling to ignore.”

The ERC Women’s Leadership Institute helps employers recruit, retain, and advance women in the workplace through research-based solutions and development services.

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