Popularity of Holiday Parties on the Rise

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Popularity of Holiday Parties on the Rise

According to the 2013 annual ERC Holiday Practices Survey, there has been a steady increase in the number of employers who are planning to host holiday parties. In 2013, as the figure below illustrates, the percentage of employers planning holiday parties jumped to 83%, up by 10% over 2012.

Despite the jump in those planning parties, budgets will remain relatively flat. In addition, many employers are taking measures to reduce costs such as hosting weekday and lunch parties. Compared to 2012, there is also a slight decrease in the trend to invite family members as well.

For more information on Northeast Ohio employers’ holiday practices, please download ERC’s free 2013 Holiday Practices Report. To know more on National employers’ holiday practices, you can refer to Infographic: 2013 employer holiday pay practices launched by HR.BLR.

View ERC's Holiday Practices and Paid Holiday Survey Results

These surveys report on which holidays Northeast Ohio organizations plan to observe as well as holiday parties, gift giving, and more ideas for the holiday season.

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