The Dogs of ERC

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At ERC, many of us are dog-lovers, and we wanted to share our extended family with you! Woof!

Name: Peyton
Age: 2
Owner: Samantha Marx
Name: Stella
Age: 1
Owner: Lydia McClay
Name: Shiya
Age: 4
Owner: Ryan Morgan
Name: Rocky
Age: 10
Owner: Annamarie Norgrove
Names: Nikki & Logan
Owner: Pat Perry
Names: Makito, Cooper, Newman
Owner: Christine Quinn
Name: Zoey
Age: 4
Owner: Erica Santarelli
Name: Bo
Age: 2
Owner: Kara Stafford
Name: Taco
Owner: Tara Haskett
Name: Seamus
Owner: Sarah Hayes
Name: Sam
Owner: Tricia Smith
Name: Reesie
Age: 8
Owner: Marty Mordarski
Name: Naia
Age: 2
Owner: Margaret Brinich

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