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Transporting Your Display Materials to a Small Show or Conference

Shipping your display materials to conferences, special events, or small trade shows can be a cost-effective and easy option to get your materials where they need to be. Through FedEx, you can ship your package to a nearby FedEx Office store at no extra cost. There are many FedEx locations around the country – often times right around the corner from, if not in, your hotel or conference center. This way you won’t have to stuff your marketing collateral in your personal suitcase, haul around another set of luggage, or pay for an additional bag. The best part is if you are an enrolled member in the ERC Shipping Program, your FedEx discounts apply to the shipment.

Watch this helpful video or follow these simple steps to benefit from this free service:

  1. Find a FedEx Office location
  2. Create your shipment
  3. Select the option “hold at a FedEx location”
  4. Pickup at your convenience

This tip is brought to you by PartnerShip®, the company that manages the ERC Shipping Program. For more information or to enroll in the program, please visit PartnerShip.com/09ERC, email sales@PartnerShip.com or call 800-599-2902.

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