Is IT Salary Growth Keeping Pace with Job Demand?


With much discussion in 2014 over what city will be the next Silicon Valley, it seems as if every job market is trying to get its share of high tech industry investment, and along with the companies, a share of the tech talent needed to make these companies successful.

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Trends in HR Technology

Trends in HR Technology

Storing, securing, and using confidential information is an important task in HR, and technology can be a useful tool in maintaining this information and using it to aid decision-making. This article will cover different types of HR technologies, tips in choosing an HR technology, and trends with HR technologies.

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Demand for Technical Skill Sets Help Deliver Strong IT Salaries

Information Technology (IT) continues to be an area of exceptional growth in the job market, both nationally and locally. Using data from the 2013 ERC Salary Survey, the average median salary growth of various occupational categories within IT, as set by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, can be seen below. The positive salary growth this figure illustrates is unsurprising when two key factors are considered.

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