Changes to Medical Marijuana Laws & What Employers are Doing About It

Changes to Medical Marijuana Laws and What Employers are Doing About It

Despite ongoing delays in getting Ohio’s medical marijuana program up and fully functioning, the question of what the introduction/implementation of medical marijuana laws in 26 states requires of employers has loomed large in HR departments across the country. ERC recently conducted a brief poll in order to get a pulse on what steps employers are really taking, or not taking, to adjust their organization’s drug policies under these laws.

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6 FAQs About the Ohio Medical Marijuana Bill on Employers

Medical Marijuana

House Bill 523 passed by Governor John Kasich on June 8, 2016 legalizes medical marijuana use in Ohio. Effective September 6, 2016, authorized licensed physicians are able to recommend the use of medical marijuana to someone with a qualifying medical condition which consists for chronic and severe illnesses. Under this bill, consumption is limited to oil, edibles, and patches.

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