Download: Editable Meeting Agenda [PDF]

Download: Editable Meeting Agenda [PDF]

In "Step 2" of our article about taking your meetings from unproductive to motivating, we identified setting an agenda as an important step to conducting a successful meeting. As a follow up, here's a free resource that will help you set a meeting agenda. This PDF download includes space for meeting details, topics, meeting attendees/stakeholders, desired results, and notes.

Download our Editable Meeting Agenda

Editable Meeting AgendaLooking to take your meetings to the next level? ERC offers Effective Meetings Training to help your team learn the tools to plan and conduct effective meetings to maximize participation and achieve desired outcomes.

ERC delivers training for organizations on how to lead effective meetings.

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Interviewing Tips: What to Say and Ask (PDF)

When conducting an interview, employers and their hiring managers need to keep in mind what to say and what not to say and ask in an interview to stay legal, attract great talent, and make good hiring decisions.

We've compiled a list of What to Say, What and What Not to Ask, How to Ask and How to Close. Click below to download the PDF:

Download: Interviewing Tips: What to Say and Ask (PDF)

Additional Resources

Interviewing Skills Training

To learn more about interviewing, including legal issues, effective questions, planning and evaluation strategies, and actual practice in preparing and delivering interviews, consider attending ERC’s upcoming workshop on “Interviewing Skills for Managers & Supervisors.” For more information or to register, please click here. Or, for interviewing training delivered on-site and customized to your organization’s needs, please contact


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