5 Recruitment Tools You Should Be Using

The 5 Most Successful Recruitment Tools You Should Be Using

With recruiting talent constantly on the do-list for most organizations, the laundry list of recruiting tools in Figure 1 below probably looks familiar. In short, employers are most likely using a healthy combination of online recruiting, relationship based recruiting, and connections to the career services centers at higher education institutions to search for their talent.  

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What is Inbound Recruiting?

What is Inbound Recruiting?

The concept of Inbound Recruiting is driven by the fact that 73% of candidates begin their job search with a Google search. Organizations looking to attract and retain top talent are reacting to this digital landscape transformation in the same way as Marketers. Human resources and recruiting functions have increasingly become the “marketers” of their organization as a workplace, and Inbound Recruiting is a reflection of that.

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Social Recruiting: What's Trending Now

Why is social recruiting such an important topic, and what's the value to your company? Mike Donoghue, the Senior Director of Mobile, Video & Vertical Strategy at Advance Digital (parent company of Cleveland.com), has teamed up with ERC to answer some of our most pressing social recruiting questions.

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