Case Study: Bettcher Industries


In order to properly engage employees, companies are looking for insights and personalized training courses that offer a myriad of solutions. Through these courses, employees and leadership garner improved communication and team-building skills to succeed. Learn how our training classes helped our member and client, Bettcher Industries, with talent development and increased productivity and communication.

Key Points:

Client Background: Bettcher Industries has over 400 employees and has been an ERC member for more than 22 years.

Problem: They needed to enhance team cohesion and employee engagement  to improve scalability and growth potential.

Solution:  Participation in training courses that not only provided insights regarding their employee's personalities and skillsets, but also a roadmap to develop those skills and improve collaboration and communication.

 bettcher industries


ERC is extremely strong in talent development. With our employees, I think people appreciate our investment in them as leaders and as employees because they had never been invested in by the company beforehand. Learning how to communicate effectively was one of our biggest takeaways. I think communication is so critical throughout the organization, and it gave them a better appreciation about the importance of communication, and how to be more effective."

Tom Tomasula, Jr.
Chief Human Resources Officer
Bettcher Industries

Pinpoint and Develop Employee Skills with ERC

Training and development programs can teach both supervisors and employees new skills or enhance existing skills. ERC develops unique training courses that are customized for organizations to improve skill development and productivity. We also provide data and assessments to understand employees' personality styles and their decision-making processes to maximize their potential.

By utilizing our training courses, Bettcher Industries was able to better develop their teams and as a result, increase trust, mitigate conflict, and improve communication. Furthermore, they were able to utilize NorthCoast 99 data for both internal and recruiting purposes. It not only gave them insights and best practices for the organization, but also valuable marketing materials and branding to help attract senior-level talent, including their current CEO, CFO, and VP of Marketing. They also were able to gain guidance and advice through our HR Help Desk and our knowledgeable and certified HR professionals.

About Bettcher Industries

Bettcher Industries is recognized throughout the world as a leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing equipment. They have introduced successive designs of handheld cutting and trimming tools that are used in thousands of meat, poultry, and seafood processing plants. They also manufacture products used in the foodservice, industrial, and medical sectors.

About ERC

For over 100 years, ERC has provided people data and HR services to help leaders make better decisions. Aside from our virtual and on-demand courses, ERC also offers on-demand HR support, compensation & benefit benchmarking data, in-person instructor-led training, individual and team assessments, and employee engagement services. Please contact us to learn more. 

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