Q&A: Holistic Wellness in the Workplace

Holistic wellness approaches are gradually becoming more common in the workplace, with more organizations realizing that truly enhancing well-being requires a broader view of wellness. ERC continually sees employers gradually incorporating holistic approaches into their wellness and health care options, and citing very positive results.

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3 Wellness Program Challenges and How to Fix Them

As wellness programs have become a regular part of “the cost of doing business” (although ideally these programs will eventually yield a net reduction in the cost of doing business over time), it is still somewhat unclear what a “typical” wellness program should (or does) look like.

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4 Important Workplace Wellness Trends You Need to Know

Employee wellness continues to expand and change in the workplace as organizations use wellness programs to combat rising health care costs and support the development of healthy lifestyles in their workforce. Here's an overview of the state of employee wellness, and specifically 4 important wellness trends you need to know including an analysis of employer programs and practices, incentives, return on investment and drivers of effectiveness, and new things employers are doing in the area of wellness.

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Getting in Your Fruits and Vegetables

Americans are still not consuming the daily recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables needed for a healthy diet. In fact, according to a 2013 study by the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Americans consume only 1.1 servings of fruits per day and 1.6 servings of vegetables per day.

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8 Ways to Create a Culture of Wellness

The workplace has a significant impact on employees' health, and likewise, employees' health has a great impact on the workplace. As employers increasingly realize that their actions in the workplace can positively affect the health and well-being of their employees, they are finding that improving well-being makes good business sense.

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5 Causes & Cures of Workplace Stress

Do your employees seem stressed in the workplace? Are you challenged in understanding what is causing them stress and how to "cure" the situation? Here are five (5) leading causes and cures of stress in the workplace.

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What Does a Wellness Program Look Like in Northeast Ohio?

Perhaps not surprisingly, 2013's Workplace Practices Survey found that concerns about rising healthcare costs are becoming more prevalent among many organizations in Northeast Ohio. While organizations have very little control over many of the external factors that may be driving some of these concerns, such as the many unknowns associated with the upcoming implementation of provisions of the ACA, internally, many organizations are turning to wellness related programs for their employees as a method for managing these costs proactively.

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Local Wellness Programs and the ACA

Based on the results of the 2013-2014 ERC Policies & Benefits survey, Northeast Ohio employers are well positioned to take advantage of the recently released Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations increasing the maximum rewards employers may offer employees for participation in wellness programs. Local employers have consistently outpaced the national averages in terms of their wellness initiatives, with specific programs illustrated in Figure 1 below.

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