Coaching & Assessment Services

The Best Are Coached and Assessed

From virtual, one-on-one meetings to small group sessions, coaching produces positive change that develops top performers and drives organizational success – even during times of crisis.

In crisis situations, executives and their teams are challenged to make decisions and take actions that determine their organization's future. Successfully leading during unprecedented times will help sustain companies and their employees.

ERC offers virtual coaching services to executives, as well as to individuals and teams:

  • One-on-One Sessions – Supports leaders as they think through how to lead in unprecedented times
  • Peer Group Coaching – Small groups of leaders are coached on how to handle key issues
  • Team Coaching – Intact teams are supported in decision-making and how to work together in this new environment


Introduction to ERC Coaching & Assessments Services

Individuals and organizations committed to excellence see the workplace the way an athlete sees the field – as a place they want to do their best. For these top performers, winning isn’t just about the final score. It’s about focusing on growth, showing up prepared, and achieving positive results.

The most successful businesses invest in their people. The most successful people invest in personal and professional development, which causes reflections, increases self-awareness, and strengthens relationships in and outside of work.

Coaching in the workplace significantly increases the effectiveness of training. It builds individual capabilities and personal ownership of solutions that develop one’s full potential. For leaders, it can be the personalized learning they need at their level. Those who seek coaching don’t consider their performance to be an issue; they seek coaching as a route to advance. They resolve to be the best version of themselves at every stage of their career and life.

Smart organizations recognize that if their people are thriving, so are they. That’s why they support individual and group coaching at all levels of the business. That’s also why they encourage ability and personality assessments to provide greater insights, accelerate coaching, and produce breakthrough change.

ERC’s integrated Coaching Model focuses on results.


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Coaching & Assessment Services

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Coaching Services

Whether formal or informal, coaching is a partnership that provides a safe environment for open, honest questions and discussion. The result is positive individual change through introspection, goal-setting, and personal action. When people progress, so do organizations. We offer a wide bench of local to international coaches, allowing us to match the right coach with every client.

Coaching differs from mentoring, consulting, and counseling in that the coach is not an expert in a particular field, but in “holding up the mirror” of self-reflection and awareness. Our certified and trained coaches are results-focused and bring the responsibility for sustainable change to an individual level – whether the objectives are qualitative, quantitative, or both.

Why Coaching Matters

  • Provides a safe environment

  • Defines goals, actions, and success

  • Increases individual accountability

  • Leads to positive individual change

  • Improves training ROI

  • Supports change management

  • Drives organizational success

Types of Coaching ERC Offers

  • In-person or virtual, local to global

  • Career, individuals, and teams

  • Small peer groups

  • Emerging and mid-level leaders

  • Supervisors and executives

  • C-suite officers and board members

  • Train the Trainer

Assessment Services

ERC uses assessments with coaching clients to provide deeper insight and accelerate performance. Organizations choose assessments to enrich the employee recruitment and selection process, and to create better harmony, productivity, and retention. Our broad experience in coaching and assessments allows us to offer a flexible, customized approach to both solutions.

We broker a full suite of validated assessments from leading local to global partners. Our professional coaches are certified in the legal and ethical administration of these measures. ERC also offers job analysis to ensure the assessments used are aligned with the skills, abilities, and behaviors for the role. As an international provider, we understand varying norms and cultural differences.

Why Assessments Matter

  • Provide deeper insight and dimension

  • Accelerate coaching outcomes

  • Define work and behaviors for success

  • Add clarity to job descriptions

  • Build awareness and resolve conflicts

  • Increase teamwork and retention

  • Drive organizational success

Types of Assessments ERC Offers

  • Entry-level to executive level

  • 360 assessments

  • Selection and team building

  • Aptitude and critical skills

  • Personality and behavioral traits

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Management and leadership style