HR Essentials


Taking on a role in Human Resources is no small feat.

If you need a basic understanding of the general components of HR because you are new to the field or have acquired some HR responsibilities within your primary role, this full day program is just for you!

Come meet Susan Chermonte and Tara Motheral Esq., as they show you the full scope of HR. During the first half of the program, we will provide an overview of the HR function. After lunch (provided) the class will cover the fundamentals of FMLA, ADA, and FLSA.

Topics include:

  • Effective & Efficient Hiring Processes: Applications, appropriate interview questions, background investigations
  • Employee Files & Recordkeeping: Employee files, recordkeeping practices and policies
  • Employee Relations: The basics of how to handle employee issues (performance management, discipline, and termination)
  • Labor Laws: FMLA, FLSA, ADA, EEO, Title VII