Gender and Communication in the Workplace

Date 3/19/2019
Time 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Date ERC Training Center
387 Golf View Lane
Suite 100
Highland Heights, Ohio 44143

Price Member $225
Non-Member $250


Communication skills are essential for success in any workplace. Research shows that women often have different skills and communication styles than their male colleagues. Often times in the workplace women are not heard, are more likely to be interrupted, and if they do speak up they are often disliked for their assertiveness. This program focuses on building communication skills and competences that allow women to achieve in the workplace.

The session has been designed for both men and women in the workplace with the focus on understanding the role of gender in communication. Beginning with an overview describing difference in communications styles and how gender impacts communication, specific examples are included in how these differences impact teams and workplace dynamics. An assessment of each participant’s communication skills will be completed. A discussion of the strengths and opportunities revealed by the assessment will be included. The program will end with exercises designed to increase awareness and optimize communication skills to increase participants’ success in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of attending this program, participants will:
• Understand how communication is impacted by gender
• Discuss the importance of communication and how individual’s styles and skills impact workplace achievement differently for women than their male colleagues
• Identify strengths and opportunities regarding communication
• Recognize when and how to optimize communication
• Develop skills to improve communication in specific workplace situations

Who Should Attend:
Any man or women who want to be more effective in workplace communication.

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