Negotiation Skills for Women

Date 5/22/2019
Time 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Date ERC Training Center
387 Golf View Lane
Suite 100
Highland Heights, Ohio 44143

Price Member $225
Non-Member $250


Negotiation goes on around us all the time, from day-to-day matters like who is doing the dishes, to issues with a significant impact on our lives like salary negotiations. Much has been said and written about how women are not skilled negotiators and that overall women negotiate less often than men. But is this really true? And what is important for women to know about negotiation for their own wants and needs?

In this highly interactive training session, we answer these questions and help participants purposefully improve their individual ability to negotiate. We begin by stressing the importance of negotiating especially for women in today’s complex world. Next we help attendees understand when, how and why they should rely on their negotiation skills. A framework is provided on how to represent your own needs at every table. Lastly, ideas for individual improvement are discussed and exercises are undertaken to practice new skills.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of attending this program, participants will:
• Understand how and when women negotiate and how this differs from an average man
• Discuss the importance of negotiating and the impact particularly on women’s workplace achievement
• Identify opportunities for negotiation
• Recognize when and how to negotiate
• Develop skills to negotiate small deals and large deals

Who Should Attend:
Any women who wants to be more effective in negotiating.

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