Emotional Intelligence/How We Manage Ourselves (includes MBTI Assessment)


Research shows that higher emotional intelligence correlates with higher leadership effectiveness. This two-part course is formulated for participants to learn and improve their emotional intelligence as it relates to leadership. The first part of this course focuses on the self-awareness portion of emotional intelligence and how we manage ourselves. The second part of this course focuses on the awareness emotions play in working relationships.
In the first day of this two-part Emotional Intelligence session you will learn:

  • Defining emotional intelligence
  • Resilience and maintaining a positive attitude
  • What is the relationship between "EQ" and IQ
  • Emotionally intelligent behavior- a fresh standard for professionalism
  • Discover what research says about "keeping feelings out of the workplace"

Please note it is required to sign up for both days of this session, on April 11 and April 25. The cost is reflective of both days of training, the MBTI assessment and DiSC.