Tips 'n' Tricks of Microsoft Excel


In today’s world, all employees need better technical skills! Ensure your employees can navigate common Microsoft platforms with skill and ease. Research suggests employees are more likely to stay with employers who train them. They benefit, and you benefit from them being more productive and efficient! 

Our Microsoft Excel Tips 'n' Tricks course is delivered virtually by a live, real-time instructor delivering hands-on instruction. Unlike recorded webinars, participants will be actively engaged in their learning. They'll be able to see the Microsoft platform in action, ask questions, and interact with our instructor.

Bring this training to your organization for your group of 10 or more. Contact ERC to learn more.

Setting up a Workbook

  • Getting familiar with the Excel interface
  • Customizing the Excel interface
  • Workbook display options
  • Entering and modifying data in the worksheet

Working in a Workbook

  • Understanding entries types
  • Selecting cells and ranges
  • Formatting data in a worksheet

Creating Formulas and Working with Functions

  • Creating simple formulas with standard mathematical operators
  • Using functions – SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN

Page Layout, Printing and Sharing Options

  • Using page views
  • Setting up printing specifications
  • Saving and sending options