How to Break Through People and Revenue Ceilings


Have the changes this past year caused stress at your company? Do you wonder how you can gain traction in this world that seems to be constantly changing? Are you looking for a simple framework to help you streamline your operations and achieve your People and Revenue goals?

Join ERC’s President, Kelly Keefe, and Kris Snyder, founder of Impact Architects, to learn about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)— a simple and free framework that companies of all sizes and in any industry can use. All companies face the same fundamental challenges: People and Revenue. Whether we are in a pandemic or not, companies that figure out how to leverage and maximize these components for their business are planning to come out of the pandemic stronger, bigger, and better. In this webinar, Kris will share examples and tools that will help you focus on what matters most at your company and find ways to solve your most intractable problems. He will introduce EOS, a simple system designed to instill structure, prioritization, focus, and execution that will optimize your business.

Participants will also hear from a panel of business leaders who have implemented EOS at their organizations and have gained incredible traction as a result.

Our Guest Panelists:

  • Chris Finnecy, Founding Partner, TrellisPoint
  • Kelly Keefe, President, ERC
  • Eric Schneider, President, Schneider Saddlery