Situational Leadership® II


This two-day course on March 24th & March 25th is designed to help participants gain insight into their own leadership style and to better understand what motivates others to achieve higher performance. By use of an assessment instrument, the participants will examine the varying styles of their direct reports. Participants also will learn how their own style affects their direct reports and ways to help them match their own style to the specific needs of their workers.

This highly engaging workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the Situational Leadership® Model:

  • Delegating
  • Supporting
  • Coaching
  • Directing

These four styles become the basis for helping leaders know which style to use with each of their direct reports based on 1) a particular stage in the worker’s development, 2) if the employee’s work tasks are new, 3) if the employee’s work is highly technical.

The purpose of this two-day workshop is to help managers learn how to best influence the performance of others and to make the supervisor or manager as effective as possible.

Key Learning Points

  • The Situational Leadership® II Model
  • Your primary and secondary leadership styles
  • Using the appropriate style of leadership for the situation
  • Applying the model to your work
  • Personal Action Planning