Virtual Supervisory Training Series II Certification: Afternoon Program

Program Description

When undertaking projects or initiatives, organizations look to managers as change agents. They're expected to make strategic decisions, execute new processes, and help employees adjust to new ways of doing things. In this comprehensive training series, you’ll gain deeper insights into your role as a supervisor and delve into the latest employee engagement tips and trends. We’ll discuss change management, leadership, and more.

This training series is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. If morning hours work better for you, click here for our 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Supervisory Training Series II Certification program.

Remember: If you register at least three staff members, a 15% discount is applied. Please use 3ORMORE in the promo code field.

Leading & Managing Change


Supervisors are called on to lead and manage change. This session will help supervisors:

  • Introduce and lead change
  • Recognize phases of change
  • Deal with resistance to change
  • Guide others through change

Engaging & Retaining Your Talent


One of the biggest challenges for supervisors is retaining top talent. In this session, supervisors will learn:

  • Talent as an organization’s critical asset
  • Ways to identify top talent
  • What attracts top talent to an organization
  • Why top talent stays with an organization (and why they leave)
  • The supervisor/top talent relationship
  • Management strategies and tools for engagement and retention (GLUE)

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making


Supervisors often find themselves solving problems and making decisions that impact the team, workplace, and business. This session will help supervisors:

  • Identify and analyze problems
  • Use problem-solving tools and techniques
  • Strategize in decision-making
  • Judge alternatives when making a decision

Planning & Managing the Work


Supervisors are faced with many competing priorities – some urgent and important, while others are less important in comparison. Supervisors must learn to manage their workday to be effective. This session will help supervisors:

  • Plan and delegate work
  • Manage time
  • Document issues and incidents
  • Implement administrative policies

Leading & Working with Teams


Supervisors want to bring out the best in their team, and the team dynamic can only be advanced through effective leadership. This session will help supervisors:

  • Recognize characteristics of effective teams
  • Identify states of team development
  • Lead and manage teams with success
  • Sustain team effectiveness