Supporting Employees Working From Home Over the Holidays


With no end in sight to the pandemic, many employees will be Zooming their way into the holidays and new year. Loneliness, social-distance fatigue, and isolation are wearing down even the most independent and introverted individuals. Employee well-being and productivity have been a growing concern among employers this past year, and now with the upcoming holiday season, employees may be challenged more than ever before.

Join ERC and our partner, Ease@Work, for a discussion on mental health, isolation, the holiday season and how these three things interact.  A discussion will follow about  how employers can support employees over the holiday season and foster a sense of community and belonging. ERC’s HR Advisors will explore data collected from our recent Member Polls, Engaging Remote Employees During COVID-19 and Holiday Celebrations During COVID-19.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Mental health overview
  • Isolation’s impact on mental health
  • Holiday season challenges that many people face
  • Ways employers can assist in connection to try to reduce these negative impacts
  • Programs, practices, and services Northeast Ohio organizations are using to engage and support employees on both a professional and personal level
  • Creative and unique holiday festivities Northeast Ohio employers have planned for employees

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