COVID-19 & Your Workplace:
What You Need to Know Today
An ERC Webcast Series for Members – Webinar #2
Remote Work Technology Tips & Tricks


Millions of Americans are unexpectedly working from home due to COVID-19. And now in Ohio, we’re also sheltering in place. This can make communication with coworkers and loved ones challenging, especially as technology providers across the world are overwhelmed with new users.

To make the most of your at-home technology and systems for staying in touch, both professionally and personally, ERC has gathered unique tips and tricks for remote communication that will keep you productive and connected.

Learn from ERC’s Director of Technical Training, Tom Ault, as he offers important advice on remote technology, from maximizing the speed of your internet connection to managing multiple users and advanced communication needs, such as video conferencing and live-streaming.

Among other tech tips, Tom will offer guidance on how to speed up unusual lags or disruptions to your internet service. He’ll also provide ideas on phone and video conferencing applications.

This webinar is the second in a regular series of ERC members-only programs. Not an ERC member? Learn more.