360 Degree Feedback Assessments

ERC offers 360 Degree Feedback Assessment services that can be used to support your leadership development initiatives.

360 assessments offer the most direct and unobtrusive measure of an individual’s leadership skills. The primary reasons to engage in a 360 program include targeting a leader’s specific performance or behavioral challenge s, or as a general developmental tool or needs assessment.

360’s can be completed for one individual or for an entire leadership team. Our service features:

  • On-line administration of a standardized tool, the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) that assesses 22 leadership skill sets within the following categories: creating a vision, developing followership, implementing the vision, following through, achieving results, and team playing
  • Evaluation completed by the leader’s boss(es), peers, direct reports, and a self-evaluation
  • A comprehensive report detailing results for each of the 22 skill sets as compared to norms that represent data from over 55,000 leaders in the U.S.
  • Expert interpretation and feedback completed by ERC Management Psychologist
  • Group feedback and comparison results provided for leadership teams
  • Optional structured interviews with peers, direct reports, and boss(es) to gather examples of day-to-day behaviors related to the leader’s developmental areas
  • Optional 3-month follow-up with the same participants, focused on assessing the leader’s progress to date

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