ERC's Coaching and Assessment services are delivered by Don Kitson, Ph.D., perhaps the most well-respected management psychologist in the region. Dr. Kitson specializes in assisting organizations in the areas of professional, management and executive-level assessment, leadership development, and targeted effectiveness coaching.

Our coaching and assessment practice blends the credibility and expertise of a “big business” background with the personalized service that’s necessary to create and maintain positive behavior change with your key employees.


Our coaching services are designed to support your key employees in enhancing their communication, interpersonal, and leadership style to be more effective in their roles. Programs begin with an assessment of the individual’s leadership and interpersonal style through a battery of standardized personality, leadership, communication, needs and stress orientation measures. If appropriate, the initial assessment may also include a 360 feedback instrument.  

Building on the objective platform created by the assessment results, the program is then targeted to the specific developmental needs of the individual being coached. Coaching is delivered via a series of face-to-face sessions scheduled on a weekly basis, focused on helping the individual develop more effective workplace behaviors.

For more information about our coaching or assessment services, please call 440/947-1286 or email coaching@yourERC.com.

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