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Compensation Consulting

ERC offers a variety of compensation and benefits consulting services for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Broad range of compensation and benefits consulting services including strategy development, market pricing and salary structure design, and sales and variable pay programs.

Total reward market assessments, and alignment with HR system needs. ERC’s consultants all have over 20 years of hands-on corporate and direct consulting experience and are supported by ERC’s wealth of up-to-date local, regional and national survey data.

Compensation & Benefits Consulting Services


Market Pricing

Determine market pay competitiveness, identify gaps, and develop action plans.


Total Rewards Strategy

Develop, refine, or articulate your Total Rewards Strategy.


Salary Structure Design

Design or modify your existing salary structure based on industry best practices.


Sales Compensation Effectiveness

Solutions to sales effectiveness and commission plans issues.


Variable Pay Plans

Design variable incentive programs, including management plans, and more.


Compensation Checkup

Evolve or develop your compensation & benefits strategy and make it competitive.

Does your organization need a compensation checkup?

  • Uncertain if base salaries are competitive with external market
  • Having trouble attracting new hires and top talent for key jobs
  • Don’t have a pay strategy and haven’t assessed impact of all components of total rewards package
  • Don’t have defined career or promotional paths for employees
  • Don’t have a process to manage salary increase budgets and costs

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