Market Pricing

Market Pricing Services

ERC’s Market Pricing services provides you with competitive compensation data from reputable, robust, and independent survey sources.

Why use ERC market pricing services?

  • Assessing the market competitiveness of pay across your organization can be a tricky task.
  • Interpreting survey data sources and determining comparable job matches requires a deep understanding of jobs and organizations.
  • Many organizations have "hybrid" jobs with combined skills and responsibilities, making marketing pricing more challenging.

ERC provides an independent, seasoned resource to help you select or adapt the right survey matches, determine market pay competitiveness, identify pay gaps and develop action plans that move pay to competitive levels.

What will my organization receive throughout this project?

  • Market Data: You will receive market data developed from commercially available, top tier surveys, tailored to your industry, geography and organization size.
  • Comprehensive Report: This includes market survey matches and summary job descriptions, and job match recommendations and approaches for ‘hybrid’ jobs.
  • Base and Total Data: Base salary and total cash compensation market data reported at various percentiles, and target incentive compensation pay levels and recommendations.
  • Recommendations: Data, insight and recommendations regarding pay and cost of living differentials across different geographic locations.
  • Pay Analysis: Employee pay analysis to identify existing gaps from market, and recommended action plans and financial cost alternatives to move pay to competitive levels over time.

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