Salary Structure Design

Salary Structure Design

ERC will design or modify your existing salary structure based on industry best practices, and ensure it’s an effective tool for attracting and retaining talent.

What is a Salary Structure and why should we have one?

  • A salary structure is a hierarchy of jobs and salary ranges for an organization. The design of a salary structure should be aligned with your organizations Total Rewards Strategy, and support competitive pay levels and internal equity or any unique needs of an organization.
  • A salary structure provides a foundation for pay policy decisions and a framework for fair and consistent pay practices.
  • A salary structure typically includes salary ranges with a minimum, midpoint and maximum salary for jobs with similar levels of pay in the competitive marketplace.
  • A salary structure establishes and defines pay levels for jobs with career paths or supervisory relationships.

What will my organization receive throughout this project?

  • Market-Based Salary Structure: Industry best practice design of a market-based salary structure that supports all levels of your organization—from non-exempt through executive.
  • Employee Pay Analysis: Employee pay analysis to identify and evaluate job placement in the salary range, determine pay gaps, and to ensure the structure design is realistic and practical for your organization.
  • Implemention: Specific implementation recommendations and support.
  • Training: Onsite training and communication support for managers and employees.

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