Employee Development Consulting

One of the keys to retention is to ensure that employees and leaders are consistently learning and growing in your organization.

Your talent wants to grow and evolve with your organization and there are plenty of ways you can set the stage for them to do so. Whether in a leadership role or not, organizations who are successful have figured out how to create an environment where their people are continuously learning.

How does ERC approach employee development consulting?

  • Interactive Programs: from basic activities to sophisticated programs, ERC is well positioned to support your Employee & Leadership Development needs in a variety of ways
  • Industry Experience: our consultants have many years of experience working on the inside of organizations and can help you tailor a solution to best meet your needs
  • Supported by Research: our efforts are always backed up with a blend of classic and current research to ensure the solutions we help you create are on target for your organization’s needs

What services are available for employee development consulting?

Training Courses

Technical and soft skill training courses for all employees.

Leadership Training

Training for leaders supported by competency models.

Executive Coaching

Coach individuals or teams for more collaboration.

Team Building Training

Support to ensure groups collaborate and function at a high level.

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