Employee Engagement Surveys

How engaged and committed are your employees?

Research shows that high engagement leads to increased retention, productivity and business success, and this can be measured through engagement surveys.

ERC's Employee Engagement Surveys assess employees’ level of engagement or commitment to an organization. The surveys identify 11 primary factors that contribute to employee satisfaction including workplace practices that have all been shown to statistically correlate with engagement.

A six-point, forced choice rating scale spanning levels of agreement is used to measure employee responses. The employee engagement surveys are standardized but allows for customization to reflect organization-specific terminology and analysis by relevant demographic groups.

ERC’s process for engagement surveys features:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Our own statistically valid and reliable instrument
  • Administration online or in-person
  • Results analysis by demographic group
  • Statistical analysis of the current drivers of engagement for your workplace
  • Benchmarks of your results against other Northeast Ohio organizations
  • Comprehensive results report featuring recommendations correlated to increased engagement
  • Communications support, including pre-survey announcement and employee results report
  • Facilitation of a results review meeting with your leadership team

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