Employee Handbook

Service available exclusively to ERC members. Initial compilation is $2,250, with automatic annual updates to ensure compliance at $375.

ERC and Employer Risk Solutions Company (ERSco) are proud to offer a unique and innovative service that will end the headaches of compiling and maintaining a legally compliant employee handbook. We recognize that creating customized, legally sound and easy-to-understand employee handbooks can be a challenge. In addition, handbooks must be regularly updated to keep them legally compliant. The Employee Handbook Service is exclusive to ERC members throughout the State of Ohio and is:

  • Easy to complete
  • Customized
  • Legally compliant
  • Affordable

This could be the last handbook you’ll ever need!

It’s Easy - Here’s how it works.

There’s no need to send us your outdated handbook, gather up all those random policies floating around your workplace, or waste time in lengthy meetings discussing the handbook contents. We start fresh with a simple, efficient approach. For more information, click here.

  • Complete an online Questionnaire.
  • Drafting the New Handbook. Performed by ERSco attorneys in less than 4 weeks.
  • Reviews, Edits and Final Draft. Completed in 2 weeks or less.
  • Distributing the New Handbook to Your Workforce. At your convenience.
  • We Keep It Updated for You! All year long!!


Compilation of your Employee Handbook is $2,250. This includes preparation of the initial handbook based on the answers provided from the questionnaire, one set of revisions to the handbook, and the first year of revisions necessary due to changes in Ohio and/or Federal law. After the first year, the annual legal updates and compliance service is only $375. This investment reflects savings of several thousand dollars the first year alone as compared to traditional handbooks and legal review.

  • Payment must be made upfront before they will begin working on the project
  • Compliant with Ohio and Federal Law
  • Can be compliant with other states but additional fees will be applied.

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