Employee Engagement Consulting

Picking the best people for the right jobs is critical for any organization’s success. Anything short of this typically results in high turnover, low morale, increased stress, and decreased productivity.

What services are available for Employee Selection?

ERC’s Employee Selection solutions help maximize the “fit” between the individual and the job, thereby maximizing individual and business performance. The solutions include:

Job Analysis

Create, update, and/or refine the requirements and priorities for key roles.

Best Athlete Modelling

Pinpoint what your best performers do so you can hire more high performers.

Selection Assessments

Hire and promote the right people into the right roles.

Competency Modeling

Define the right formula of job competencies that lead to successful performance.

Looking for a customized hiring solution?

ERC can also design a customized hiring solution tailored specifically to your workforce planning needs at all levels of the organization.

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