HR Project Support Consulting

HR Project Support

ERC's experienced HR consultants can help you complete your HR projects efficiently and effectively. Here are a few of our specialties:

Onsite HR Audit

ERC will conduct a cursory review of human resource practices to assess the general compliance level of the company’s human resource function. The on-site audit will be conducted with respect to applicable federal and State of Ohio employment laws and commonly accepted industry best practices in the areas stated below:

  • Employee Records and Files
  • Recruitment and Staffing Procedures
  • Pay Practices and Pay Rates
  • Performance Management Practices
  • Job Documentation
  • Benefit Practices
  • Employee Policies

Information will be gathered via an in-person meeting with the project contact and an on-site document review. ERC will provide recommendations for addressing any compliance concerns and will outline its findings in a written summary report that highlights strengths, identifies areas of concern, and provides recommendations for improving your organization’s HR practices. Assistance in implementing these recommendations is available on an as needed basis and would be outlined as a separate project.

Job Descriptions Review

Job Description reviews focus on:

  • Designing/updating a job description template
  • Collecting required job documentation

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