Leadership Assessments & Leadership Development

The standard ERC Training Needs Assessment is designed to provide insight into employee training needs.

It evaluates three critical areas found to be accurate assessors of those needs: employees' skill proficiency, frequency of skill usage, and level of skill critical to job performance.

Your organization can benefit from a training needs assessment by uncovering deficient skill sets, identifying training priorities, and focusing the investment of your organization’s time and money on the training initiatives that matter most. Research shows that training needs assessments are an important contributor to the overall effectiveness of training.

ERC's Training Needs Assessment process:

  • Is guaranteed to be confidential
  • Can be administered on-line or in-person according to your preference
  • Identifies skill sets required for employees to be effective in their jobs
  • Helps prioritize training efforts which improve cost efficiency
  • Features a comprehensive report
  • Uncovers skill deficiencies or gaps that may otherwise go unnoticed
  • Offers professional training support based on your organization’s unique needs
  • Includes recommendations for training solutions

Leadership Assessments

ERC will help you assess current and future leaders to identify those employees who have the ability to thrive as a leader in today's fast-paced world.

Leadership Development Plan

ERC helps you develop a roadmap for success for each individual to be the best they can be as a leader of your organization.

Looking for a blend of Leadership Assessments and Leadership Training?

ERC is also a leading, national provider of Leadership Development Training, and our team can combine leadership assessments with training to produce a customized solution for your organization's leaders.

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