Recruiting Strategy Consulting

Do you have a recruiting strategy? Attracting and retaining top talent is critical to the success of any organization.

Without the right talent, your organization’s results will not be realized. Recruiting strategies have evolved over the years, especially in the digital economy. While the landscape may have changed, the basic premise of generating viable candidates, getting the right talent to choose your organization and retaining that talent have not changed. Attracting and retaining talent with the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities is key and ensuring cultural fit is essential to success. And, once you have selected the right person, assimilating them into your organization is critical to their success and longevity with your firm.

We approach your recruiting challenges as if they were our own. ERC utilizes practical expertise backed by solid research to help you create recruitment, selection and onboarding strategies.

What does ERC offer for Recruiting Strategy Consulting?

Recruiting Strategies

Create strategies to get talent in your organization to produce results.

Selection Assessments

Hire and promote the right people into the right roles at your organization.

Onboarding Process

Transform outsiders to insiders successfully through great onboarding.

New Leader Assimilation

Accelerate the effectiveness of new leaders by jump starting their transition.

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