Selection Assessments

ERC selection assessments are completed by Donald Kitson, Ph.D., Management Psychologist. Dr. Kitson is a licensed psychologist who has assessed pre-hire and promotion candidates for positions ranging from entry level to CEO for more than 15 years.

The selection assessment process includes the administration of a variety suite (battery) of thoroughly validated, peer reviewed measures that tap numerous factors including work and/or leadership style, workplace needs, achievement drive, reasoning, emotional stability, team focus, detail emphasis, structure, flexibility, interpersonal and communication style, responsibility, rule conscious, and innovation.

When appropriate, a conversation concerning the requirements of the targeted position and related concerns and objectives is completed with organizational representatives prior to the administration of any measures. The assessment battery, report format, and feedback mechanisms can be readily tailored to meet special organizational needs.

Administration of Measures

All of the assessment measures are completed online. The recommended senior leader battery includes two measures of personality, a critical thinking analysis, a workplace needs and stress management instrument, and if requested, a career background interview.

At the middle management to professional level, the suggested battery includes two personality instruments and a workplace needs and stress management measure. The technical and entry level recommended battery includes two personality and appropriate aptitude instruments.

Results Feedback

Verbal feedback is offered within 24 hours after completion of the measures, and a written summary of the results is provided within one to two days thereafter. If requested, an individual feedback session may be provided with selected candidates, and when needed to clarify the results report, a follow-up review is offered at no cost.

The senior leader, manager, and professional level reports follow a three to four page narrative format that includes a results profile and a discussion of problem solving approaches, stress management, interpersonal and/leadership style, workplace preferences, and apparent strengths and potential developmental areas. Technical and entry level reports include a results profile and brief narrative summary highlighting consistency and concerns with the role being considered.

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