Social Audit Consulting

ERC can conduct a social audit to help your organization determine how activities impact the geographical region.

What is a social audit and how can this help your organization?

Social audits help organizations measure, understand, report, and improve social and ethical performance. A social audit looks at the following factors at an organization:

  • Charitable giving
  • Volunteer activity
  • Energy use
  • Environmental compliance
  • Avoidance of discrimination
  • Workplace safety
  • Wage and benefits fairness

How does ERC perform a social audit?

  • Site Visits: These are helpful for reviewing documents and interviewing management and the general workforce.
  • Review Processes and Operations: We review processes and operations specific to corporate citizenship and social issues.
  • Recommendations: We then develop and share recommendations for improvement.
  • Audit Report: We also deliver an audit report that is customized for your organization.

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