Strategic & Business Planning

Has your management team had great off-site planning meetings, but then struggled to maintain the momentum? Does your company have a plan but it’s not being implemented? Does your management team know they need a business plan, but everyone is too busy to make it happen?

Succeeding in today’s competitive business environment requires constant innovation and execution of new strategies. However, most organizations—even those with streamlined operations and compelling tactics struggle to create and implement a business plan.

ERC’s strategic planning services are focused on helping your management team bring to life the mission and vision of your organization. The strategic plan considers the internal and external environment of the business; engages the entire management team; and has clear and measurable implementation plans. ERC’s consulting services seek to raise the level of management thinking from tactical to strategic. On-going support during the implementation of the plan insures that it’s being adapted and adjusted as it’s being executed.

The strategic plan includes:

  • Current situation analysis
  • Strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat analysis
  • Vision, mission, and values
  • Strategies that will take the business to the next level

The benefits of creating a plan that links strategy to execution include:

  1. Improved communication
  2. More effective decision-making
  3. Better selection of tactical options
  4. Higher probability of achieving goals and objectives
  5. Improved teamwork

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