Talent & Performance Management Consulting

Why do so many employees and leaders have negative reactions to the Performance Management process?

Performance Management is a necessary practice for both administrative and developmental purposes yet so many people describe it as cumbersome and not meaningful. We want to change that experience and help your organization find value in the process.

ERC’s practical experience combined with classic and current research will support you in utilizing the Performance Management process to its greatest potential for all involved. We can help you recognize, diagnose and solve challenges. We can help you refine your current system or help you build a process from the ground up. ERC works hand-in-hand with you and your team to develop practices that are right for your organization and its goals.

What does ERC offer for performance management consulting?

Performance Management Training

Customized training for managers & employees involved in the discussions.

Performance Management Process

Diagnose, solve, and evolve your Performance Management process.

360 Degree Feedback Assessments

How and when to incorporate peer and direct report feedback into the process.

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