Wage & Salary Surveys

The most comprehensive, reliable, and timely survey data in Northeast Ohio.

How do I access survey data?

All new ERC members receive access to the results of all currently published ERC Wage & Salary Surveys upon joining. Plus, when ERC members participate in ERC surveys, they continue to receive the results for free; an incredible value and continuing benefit of membership. In addition, even if you don’t participate, you can purchase the results of surveys at significantly reduced rates.

There are four convenient ways to access survey data.


1. myERC

Login to myERC  and click the “My Survey Reports” tab on the left-hand side of your screen. This is where you can view and download all of the surveys for which you currently have access. You can also search for individual positions within ERC Wage & Salary Surveys by using the “Position Finder” tool within myERC.

2. HR Help Desk

Contact the HR Help Desk. Our team of HR Advisors can research and send a limited amount of compensation data for specific positions or benchmark data on specific workplace practices. This includes data from ERC’s local wage and salary surveys, plus the additional national survey resources and compensation planning tools available to ERC members.

3. ERC Research Library

Schedule time to access these local and national resources directly in the ERC Research Library, located in ERC’s offices in Highland Heights, OH. Contact us to setup an appointment.

4. Purchase Results

ERC members may purchase compensation and benefits surveys at significant discounts. For a list of these surveys and the discounted pricing click the link below.

How do I participate in a survey?

When your organization joins ERC, you assign a Main Survey Contact (usually the person listed on your membership application). This person is designated to receive all ERC survey invites and reminders. This person also has the access and authority to participate in ERC surveys on behalf of your organization within myERC.

When a new survey is open for participation, your Main Survey Contact will receive an email invitation encouraging your organization to participate. Instructions for participating are typically included in the survey invitation and subsequent email reminders.

ERC members continue to receive the results for the surveys in which they participate for free. To ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to participate, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Make sure you stay up-to-date with our Survey Schedule (which includes instructions for how to participate in ERC surveys).
  • Make sure that you or the correct person at your organization is receiving all ERC survey invitations and reminders.
  • Participate!

How and when do I get the results after I participate?

Most survey reports are published 2-3 months after the survey deadline. When your organization participates, your Main Survey Contact will be notified via email when the report is available including instructions for how to access the reports (typically within myERC).

Who do I contact with questions?