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ERC Members can ask unlimited HR-related questions to our team of certified, credentialed, and experienced HR Advisors.

Time and resources can be scarce, and the right information can be difficult to find.

Organizations who join ERC Membership can depend on our team of certified, credentialed, and experienced HR Advisors to provide timely and accurate information to help them make more informed decisions about HR issues and initiatives.

Features of the HR Help Desk Advisors:


ERC Members can call, email, or submit a request online.


Responses to requests are provided within one business day.


ERC Members may ask an unlimited number of HR questions.


ERC Members contact us weekdays from 8:00 AM–4:00 PM.

Working on a larger HR project and need help completing it?

ERC's HR Help Desk Advisors can provide you with the information you need to complete your projects yourself. If you need additional help completing the project, ERC also offers a variety of HR Consulting services including compensation, HR audits, job description, performance management, and more

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Example questions ERC Members can ask our HR Help Desk Advisors:

Compensation Ranges

We're hiring an Accounting Manager. What are the compensation ranges for this position in our area?

Exempt or Non-Exempt

We have an office position classified as exempt, but I am not sure it actually is the correct classification.

FMLA Leave

I have a pregnant employee who does not qualify for FMLA leave. What leave do we have to provide?


I want to terminate an employee for poor performance but didn't document. What can I do?